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Relationship between awareness and new technologies

Both the brain and the consciousness of man can be developed thanks to mental techniques and technologies that will be progressively presented in this space. Furthermore, since it was discovered that the brain works preferentially (both in the conscious and the subconscious) in visual mode, the more information technology becomes a technology for the development of consciousness, the more the adequacy of the position in the network will be evident (or more «clear»), and it is likely that, once the virtual technologies are established, they will allow, more than ever, associations of innovative ideas.

Combination of artificial intelligence and human intelligence

According to experts in the field, the interface between man and machine will, in the coming years, decrease dramatically. Today, the computer is already spoken and, soon, it will be possible to literally enter the "program" of the computer, penetrating, thanks to virtual technology, into a purely imaginary world designed by programmers. The University of Hokkaido, Japan, is experimenting with software to control the computer through thought …

Within a short time, programs (artificial) and neuroprograms (brain) will merge into one. The artificial intelligence principles of computer programs have developed intelligent capabilities for which the human brain is not normally endowed, such as speed of calculation, storage of huge volumes and easy classification, while the brain proceeds with complementary operations, such as comparison, arbitrary and original evaluation, artistic creation, invention, humor, the search for aesthetics, etc. That is why, nowadays, computers that have graphic symbolization are compared to real instruments of "expansion of thought" that, with virtual reality, will become the famous "engines driven by imagination".

Tension & Stress

In dozens of years, instead of undergoing a gradual transformation, life has changed rapidly and completely for the inhabitants of industrialized regions, in a few generations. Isolated, socially separated from the primordial (family) group, the urban man is forced to seek new relationships with his surroundings. More than ever, deprived of the full spectrum of light, subjected to deafening noise and electromagnetic fields, urban man is currently the target of an (ever increasing) amount of information to be dealt with on the same day.

Tension is the organism's response to fluctuations (a physiological or psychological aggression) that intervene in an individual's life. A state without fluctuation would correspond to death … A punctual (acute) tension can often be positive, because it is stimulating; an excessive volume of fluctuations over a prolonged period (chronic tension), with no possibility of adaptation, leads to a state that, as a rule, is called "STRESS", sometimes triggering serious disturbances … One of the definitions of the term relaxation is: «The return to balance». In these pages you will find the mechanisms of the binomial «tension / relaxation», how to consume the reaction energy accumulated during the tension and how to positively transform the reaction energy due to tension. He had also found ways to avoid unwanted physiological responses, learning to use and maximize his psycho-corporal control.