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Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality, or virtual environment, is an advanced interface technology between a user and a computer system. The purpose of this technology is to recreate the sensation of reality for an individual as much as possible, leading him to adopt this interaction as one of his temporal realities. For this, this interaction is carried out in real time, with the use of techniques and computational equipment that help in expanding the user's feeling of presence. In addition to understanding VR as a simulation of reality through technology, VR also extends to an apprehension of a non-real universe, a universe of icons and symbols, but permeating in a process of signification the viewer of this false universe provides credits for a real universe. In short, a fictional reality, however through intellectual relations, we understand it as being very close to the real universe that we know.

Virtual Reality Environments are the easiest and most effective way to work with Exposure Therapy for patients with anxiety disorders and phobias. We created these highly immersive environments to make this tool accessible to professionals. Virtual Reality allows the patient to interact in environme..
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