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Spirometry is an exam that measures the amount of air that a person is able to inhale or exhale each time he breathes, that is, the amount of air that an individual is able to put in and out of the lungs and the speed with that does it (flow analysis).

As a routine examination in pulmonology, it is possible to assess lung health both in investigations of diseases such as bronchial asthma, as well as in occupational medicine.

EXTENT OF SUPPLY: 1x METALYZER®3B (R3) Stationary CPXSystem 1x O2 analyzer 1x Volume transducer, complete 1x HR Transmitter Set H7, BT Smart(4.0) 1x belt for H7Set 1x Bluetooth Adapter USB 1x extende..
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The kit provides an accurate and visual way to track your body's cardiopulmonary response to different wellness and performance activities. By using the data collected, you can reach your fitness goals by improving the way you train. Stop guessing and start assessing. To get a more in-dep..
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