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Intento PRO is designed to treat severely disabled patients after stroke. The solution gives patients control of the arm, allowing them to move and retrain. Thanks to the delivery of multichannel electrical stimulation at a fully programmable and precisely controlled time, significant upper limb movements can be generated.

A unique design allows patients to voluntarily control stimulation and coordinate electrically generated movements with the intent of performing goal-oriented functional tasks. Therapy is administered according to an evidence-based treatment protocol that has been shown to be more effective in reducing impairment than standard dose-matched treatment. A larger multicenter study is ongoing in Switzerland.

Intento PRO is a Class IIa medical device consisting of a portable stimulation device and a tablet app connected to a cloud service for optional data storage.

What is self-modulated functional electrical stimulation?

Self-modulated means that the patient is in control of the application of electrical stimulation that induces functional movement.

I provide electrical impulses through electrodes placed on the arm. These impulses contract specific muscles, producing movement. This allows the patient, even if they are severely debilitated and unable to produce movements voluntarily, to retrain with the therapist.

Why is the patient controlling stimulation?

Increasingly scientific evidence shows that electrical stimulation is more effective when applied at the same time as the patient's voluntary effort to produce a movement.

Putting the patient in control of the stimulation time is an effective way to ensure this right from the project.

Why should a therapist use me?

Based on available clinical evidence, therapy based on self-modulated functional electrical stimulation may promote a greater reduction in impairment than standard rehabilitation care.

In addition, I can be installed on a patient in just 3 minutes, so that most of the therapist's valuable time is used for treatment rather than set up.

Thanks to my intuitive tablet app, therapists can easily organize and track patients' progress.

How does a therapist prepare me?

My tablet app allows therapists to easily set up stimulation and organize patient data.

I offer 21 preset stimulated movements involving the hand, arm and shoulder. In addition, custom stimulation programs can also be designed quickly.

I assist therapists in correctly placing electrodes on the arm and setting patient-specific parameters. It only takes 3 minutes on average.

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