Biofeedback training is simply the immediate feedback of information through electronic sensory devices about physiological processes (heart rate, peripheral temperature, galvanic skin response, muscle tension, blood pressure and brain activity). The method allows the person to voluntarily regulate their physiological and emotional reactions. The use of sensitive electronic equipment amplifies and transforms physiological reactions into light and sound signals that are used to prevent illness. All physiological processes can be controlled through the use of biofeedback. The training includes different methods of awareness and relaxation, such as muscle, breathing, autogenic and cognitive techniques.

The term "biofeedback training" came into use around 1969, when it proved to be a useful tool in teaching and learning self-regulation processes that involve training. In a restricted sense, feedback can be conceptualized from an etymological point of view. From the feed radical, to feed, and from the back radical, to return, the feedback of a system is obtained. In popular language, the term feedback can also be considered as providing information about the state of a system. For example, while waiting for a certain website to load, a loading bar shows the user the percentage already completed. In clinical settings, these and other self-regulation processes acquired through biofeedback training can be used to reduce or eliminate symptoms of organic or stress-related disorders, to restore muscle function, and to reduce pain resulting from injury or illness. It may be the main therapeutic modality or associated with other therapeutic interventions, such as: lifestyle counseling, desensitization training, cognitive restructuring or psychotherapy. Gradually biofeedback training developed into a powerful therapeutic procedure. In educational and business settings, biofeedback training is a tool for developing deep relaxation and stress management, processes that are important in preventing stress-related illnesses. In all applications the goal of biofeedback training is self-regulation – learning how to control both physical and mental processes for better and healthier functioning.