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Icaros is a flight simulator that allows anyone to experience the sensation of floating. Using virtual reality glasses and with the help of an application developed by the manufacturer, an immersive environment is generated. The fitness device has a system of gyroscopes and motion sensors, all synchronized and wireless.

If you dreamed of working out while playing video games, then you can rest assured. Introducing the great innovation of the century, an exercise machine with virtual reality elements. To play, you need to move your body, working different muscle groups.

The novelty arrived to transform the practice of physical activities, making it more fun and very different from the gyms we know today. For this, the device, which was named Icaros, is equipped with virtual reality glasses that generate an immersive environment, and function as a kind of flight simulator.

Everything works wirelessly and with individual adjustments for arms and legs. So that the device can be adapted to different users, it also has speed, pressure and difficulty level adjustment.

Using your own body weight, you will be able to fly in a virtual environment, avoiding obstacles during the exercises. In this way, in addition to keeping fit, users will also be able to exercise their ability to react and balance.

Similar to a suspended board, the accessory has support for arms and legs with individual adjustments. Similar to an exercise bike, it is possible to select difficulty levels, increasing the speed of movement and the pressure exerted on the user's body.

All this agitation is caused by virtual environments. Dodging from the top of mountains, jumping with a parachute or driving a motorcycle at high speed are all part of the simulation. Each scenario brings challenges of overcoming obstacles, curves that force slopes and a specific path to complete the exercise.

According to the device's creators, you can train different muscle groups and stimulate your reaction capacity and balance. The need for constant movement creates difficulty and the individual's own weight becomes an obstacle.

"We will make you fly", is what the brand's current slogan says. And those responsible for the product guarantee: once you use the Icaros, you'll never want to walk again.

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