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Dream Master
Dream Master
Dream Master
Dream Master
Dream Master
Dream Master
Dream Master


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Mindplace created the Dream Master Light and Sound Mind Machine for Deepak Chopra M.D; which, like Kasina, includes more than 100 programs, 5 of which are written and narrated by Deepak.

More than 85 integrated programs for stress, anxiety and relaxation, programs for meditation, programs for dreaming, programs for sleeping, programs for creating altered states, programs for learning and even programs for energizing.

Ex Tax: $520.00

6 LED light glasses per eye (red, green, blue),
rechargeable controller with LCD display,
memory card
USB charging cable
stereo headphones
manual and quick start card and suitcase.

Like Kasina, you don’t need a CD player, computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet or mp3 player to play Dream Master programs.

Trip to the forest
Way to love
Stay quiet
Bhagavad Gita – Cosmic View
Chakra Meditation

  • 14 vision programs, including Dreams in the Mind’s Eye, Drum Day, Planet Water, Tibet’s Highlands, Children of the Universe, Waves of Coincidence, Naked Mantras, Sleep Cycle, Winter and Travel
  • 66 programs targeting various states of consciousness

Accelerate – 6 programs
Meditate – 7 programs
Mind Art – 14 programs
Night Voyage – 6 programs
Rejuvenate – 7 programs
Trance – 5 programs

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