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Connector and Adapter for Nexus

Connector and Adapter for Nexus
Connector and Adapter for Nexus


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Adapter cable for Nexus line.

The EEG Ear Linked Cable offers a referenced solution for measuring ear linked EEG. linked ear is a very common way of doing EEG and is used in most QEEG databases such as Neuroguide. To make proper use of such databases you can use the attached ear cable. Using one or two linked ear cables, you will be able to make 4 channels linked ear reference with NeXus-10 or NeXus-32.

Set-up: The wire is used as an adapter cable and is EXG NeXus placed between a sensor and NEXUS system. Connect the wire to the Gex input (A&B or C&D) of the Nexus system. Turn on the EXG Sensor / EXG TP Sensor, in turn connected to the ear cable.

If you would like to make 4 channels of ear connected, connect another ear wire connected to the second EXG input (C&D) of the Nexus. Also connect the two black connected ear connectors to each other to create connected ear.

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