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Push Your Limits

Performance training, injury rehab, and accelerated return-to-sports

We Got Your Legs Covered!

Muscle-centric cognitive testing and training with smart robotrainers: improve performance, reduce injury risk, assess, motivate and increase training efficiency.

Digital markers for:

  • coordination and stability
  • control
  • strength
  • speed and power
  • muscular endurance
  • reaction time
  • executive functions
  • cognitive speed
  • and much more

Tests, Drills, Exergames

Strength, speed, power, endurance, control, coordination, symmetry, executive functions and much more!

With highly precise and functional robotests you'll know how good your user's brain-muscle connection really is.


Customized for each user's fitness levels and performance goals.


Expansive selection of hundreds of high-intensity, gamified training modules.

Fields of Application

Generic (diagnostics, strength training, prevention)

  • Strength, power, speed and endurance training
  • Neuromuscular training (proprioception, coordination)
  • Neurocognitive training (reaction time, cogn. speed)
  • Prevention and health optimization
  • Reduction risk of injury
  • L/R (inter-limb) imbalances detection
  • L/R (inter-limb) asymmetry correction
  • Functional performance diagnostics
  • (Over)-training management
  • Real-time screening and monitoring

Specific (muskuloskeletal, neurologic)

  • Ankle joint instability
  • ACL reconstruction
  • Anterior knee pain
  • Meniscus tear
  • Cartilage damage & knee arthrosis
  • Muscle tear
  • Bone fractures and traumata
  • Runner's & jumper's knee (patellar tendonitis)
  • Conservative treatments of MSK injuries
  • Concussions
  • Traumatic brain injuries

Benefits at a Glance

1. Step up your game

Use artificial muscle technology and smart data analytics to safely explore your mental and physical performance limits and push past them.

2. Data-driven insights

ddrobotec® tests are ultra-safe, functionally meaningful and can be conducted within minutes. Turn the results into actionable performance-enhancing insights.

3. Unparalleld versatility

Opening up new avenues of data-supported performance enhancement recovery and analytics of all neuro-motor abilities.

4. Get back faster and stronger

Shorten the return-to-play phase by more than 30%. Use data to decide when to get back on the field.

5. Ease of use

Easy to interpret assessments of the cognitive, sensorimotor and physical performance of brain, nervous system and legs, for each team member.

6. Forge talents

Fundamentally alter neural connectivity by combining in real-time visual, auditive and haptic feedback.

How Robotrainers Work

  • 01 Sensory Input
  • 02 Cognitive Processes
  • 03 Motor Commands
  • 04 Human-Robot Interaction
  • 05 Multi-modal Robot Feedback

ddrobotec® Tests

Comprehensive assessments of all relevant neuromotor abilities

Tests can be repeated anytime to track improvements and redefine objectives

Range of motion Assess max range of motion of knee joints Sets a safe max angular limit for all ddrobotec® drills and exergames
Coordination / Proprioception Assess joint position accuracy and precision, knee joint stability, ability to reproduce a joint position, motor control Intermuscular coordination, passive and active motion sense are relevant for fall prevention
Strength Assess the 1-RM through submaximal force-velocity profiling or by counting the repetitions to fatigue for a specific load Safe means of peak force and 1-RM assessment
Speed, Power Assess speed, power, rate of power development and time to peak power Safe means of force-velocity profiling and power assessment
Endurance Assess the critical power and the anaerobic work capacity Safe means of anaerobic and aerobic cardiometabolic fitness assessment
Cognition Assess executive functions, such as memory, cognitive speed, decision making, etc.

ddrobotec® Drills / Workouts / Exergames

Personalized workout plans for cognition, coordination, strength & conditioning

Eccentric, active isokinetic, isometric, isotonic (force), vibra-mode and much more!

Control Train sensorimotor skills, with or without feedback Improve sensorimotor function, movement control and function, improve brain-to-muscle communication
Coordination Train coordination, left/right symmetry, movement precision Improve gait and postural stability for a save walking experience, improve brain-to-muscle communication
Strength Train strength and for hypertrophy Increase muscle strength and muscle mass, strengthen bones, connective tissue and ligaments
Power Train speed, power and reactivity Increase muscle power, speed, reactivity and agility, develop type II (fast-twitch) muscle fibres
Endurance Train strength endurance and aerobic fitness Increase fatigue resistance, develop type I (slow-twitch) muscle fibres, promote mitochondrial biogenesis (through HIIT)
Cognition Train executive functions, memory, concentration and cognitive speed Improve executive functions and cognitive skills at different levels

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