Slow Cortical Potential Sensor

Potenciais sensor for Neurofeedback and Biofeedback Evoked aplicavel com or Nexus 10.

US$ 650.00

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Grip Challenge TK

The Grip Challenge TK will not only improve your health, but also the condition of your forearms, wrists, hands, fingers all the daily tasks or even at the time of loading their luggage into their dreamed such a vacation.

US$ 85.00

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Stress Thermometer

The Stress Thermometer is a small "computer" with a temperature sensor that allows monitoring and managing emotional states.

US$ 35.00

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PadBot - Robot Telepresence

PadBot is a telepresence robot. People can use PadBot to represent themselves remotely, showing his / her voice, video and movements in real time. We can control PadBot remotely move freely and move his head. PadBot uses iPad / iPad Mini / pad Android as your brain. PadBot connects to iPad wirelessly Bluetooth 4.0.

Nexus F 32 for Neuromarketing

Nexus 32 for applications in Neuromarketing offers more advanced features, surpassing any similar equipment on the market.


Fit Light 8

The FITLIGHT Trainer™ is designed for the use of any individual that seeks to improve attributes of human performance through dynamic training regimes. This includes athletes, coaches, trainers, physiotherapists, fitness enthusiasts, rehabilitation patients, as well as individuals with cognitive and sensory processing challenges.

US$ 7,800.00

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Procyon MindMedia Meditation System

The MindPlace Procyon Audio Visual Synthesizer is an experience, melding a rainbow of color choices with clear, crisp digital sound.The resulting synthesis can be used to modulate states of consciousness in rich new ways.

US$ 249.00

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MCell Smart - Wireless Measurement

The idea of Myontec wearables is they deliver tech to you seamlessly, without having to operate anything or carry it. You wear it. Mbody package consist of intelligent MShorts, MCell recorder and Mbody Live application.

US$ 548.00

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The Dreamate is an affordable solution for insomnia and also to erase the stress of the day and train your body to sleep naturally. The Dreamate uses acupressure technique to reset the biological clock and train your body to relax and sleep by massaging key acupoints on your inner wrist.

Airnergy Basic

You can not change the human body, changed the air we breathe. These are the words of the developers of Airnergy therapy, progression internationally patented oxygen therapy.