Ruby Light Ganzframes

Glasses for use with Sirius and only Proteus in the Red Ruby module - This eyepiece features four LED lamps on each side and NOT work alone - it is simply a product replacement if your original has broken or is outside of the warranty period manufactures - we recommend nOT buy this product if you are not possessed of a Brain Machine Sirius or Proteus.

US$ 65.00

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Software BioTrace Nexus 4

BioTrace software for Nexus 4 ideal for psychologists, physiotherapists and small rehabilitation clinics.

US$ 1,350.00

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Newton Ball Classic

Can you handle the ball of 300grs for more than a minute?

US$ 68.00

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Software Posturograma 3.0

The biometric software Posturograma version 3.0 is the evolution of our software postural assessment. It is a complete biomechanics virtual laboratory.

Drive Alert

DRIVE ALERT works as "cold water" in the middle of the night.

US$ 19.00

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Virtual Reality For Phobias

Virtual Reality Environments is the easiest and most effective way to work with exposure therapy for patients with anxiety disorders and phobias. We create these highly immersive environments to make this tool available to professionals. Virtual reality allows the patient to interact in environments located between the actual exposure and imaginal exposure, facilitating the progress of the session and qualitatively increasing therapeutic efficacy. The Psious platform offers the benefits of quick Virtual Reality and easy to use via its Android app and a mobile phone and a pair of special glasses RV without complex or expensive equipment

US$ 1,990.00

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Myontec MBody Bike & Run

The idea of Myontec wearables is they deliver tech to you seamlessly, without having to operate anything or carry it. You wear it. Mbody package consist of intelligent MShorts, MCell recorder and Mbody Live application.

US$ 518.00

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Neurosky MindWave

The MindWave Education turns your computer into a private tutor. The headset takes decades of laboratory brainwave technology and puts it into a bundled software package for under 100. It safely measures brainwave signals and monitors the attention levels of students as they interact with math, memory and pattern recognition applications.

US$ 140.00

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Fit Light 8

The FITLIGHT Trainer™ is designed for the use of any individual that seeks to improve attributes of human performance through dynamic training regimes. This includes athletes, coaches, trainers, physiotherapists, fitness enthusiasts, rehabilitation patients, as well as individuals with cognitive and sensory processing challenges.

US$ 7,800.00

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Airnergy Pro

In the case of chronic diseases or problems with health or trying to achieve a significant increase in performance, for example, athletes or as a means of prevention in companies, the device Airnergy Pro is the best choice.